Sexual Infections


How To Guard Yourself Against Infections During Sex

Sexual intercourse is the easiest way to transmit or get infections. For instance, having unprotected sex is the easiest and quickest way to get a sexually transmitted infection. Whether you are married or have just met a new partner, you can still enjoy safe sex. Having safe sex will improve both your physical and mental health. You will be guarding yourself against infections as you enjoy your moments. So do not regret later when you have everything to avoid the regrets. All you need is to know how you can guard yourself against infections during sex. The strategies are many, and so you only have to choose the ones that suit you best

Male condoms

i86kujghth54u66rLatex condoms are the most recommended male condoms for safe sex. For the condoms to be effective, they must be used correctly. So choose the right size, check the expiry date, wear it correctly and use the condom every time you have sex (vaginal, oral or anal sex). Those who are allergic to latex can use polyurethane condoms.

Female condoms

If used correctly, they can prevent sexually transmitted infections during vaginal sex. It is important to read instructions carefully so as to use the female condoms correctly. But remember that male and female condoms should not be used simultaneously.

Dental dam

You can use this if you want to have oral sex. It prevents passage of fluids, such as blood, from the genitals to the mouth. It is important to ensure that the dental dam is not damaged and follows instructions correctly on how to use it.


Friction can increase the risk of infections during sex. To reduce this, use a lubricant. Water-based and silicon-based lubricants are highly recommended especially when using latex condoms. These lubricants will not break your condom.

Take a shower before and after sex

h4u6ijyrg6euThis method has been found to reduce chances of getting an infection during sex. Taking a shower flushes out bacteria and other microorganisms that could be carrying the infection. So by washing before and after sex, you will be flushing out these microorganisms that could otherwise get into your body and cause infections.


You can also get vaccinated against infections such as Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. This means you will be protected against the disease even if your partner is infected.

Not sharing personal items

Do not share personal items such as needles, underclothing, and towels, among others. Also, avoid skin contact to prevent skin infections. Deep kissing is also not good.